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Caraa designed its signature style, The Studio Bag, by imagining your perfect day. We dreamed up a bag that is both functional and cute so you can carry it with you for your favorite cup of coffee, fitness session, and a meal with your best friends.

“A day with The Studio Bag”

It’s Saturday morning, time to stop by the coffee shop for a latte

Wearing The Studio Bag in crossbody mode - by Caraa $395

Yoga to the People or Bikram ... ? It’s 12:15, just missed that session! aahh ...

Got to the next yoga session on time ... phew ...

At yoga and with my Studio Bag in backpack mode.

I took the straps off my Studio Bag to convert it to a ...

satchel! And I placed the backpack straps into my bag. I love the satchel mode.

It’s time for a ride to meet my friends for brunch. Lets transform my crossbody back into a ...


Wearing The Studio Bag in backpack mode - by Caraa $395


Aaron Luo