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INSIDE THE CARAA STUDIO: Every Caraa piece is designed with you in mind, from the covetable aesthetic to the smartly designed compartments down to the finishes and signature hardware, every detail is thoughtfully placed to help you #caraaon with your day without your style having to break a sweat, enabling you to live your #caraalife.

We dreamed up a limited edition line of The Studio Bag that is the ultimate in luxury sport:  discover Studio Croco, a sports bag that brings together exotic skins, innovative technology, and a modern design aesthetic.


Just like Caraa’s signature Studio Bag, the Studio Croco can be transformed into a crossbody, backpack, or satchel, and features 3 compartments to host fitness essentials and office necessities. It is handcrafted in New York City using American alligator, luxury Italian nylon, and buffed leather, and features a tech compartment and easily accessible exterior pocket, along with 4 additional interior pockets, locking zipper pulls, and a hanging gym pass and key wrap.

Studio Croco - Cobalt
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Studio Croco - Navy
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Hannah Hendler